Building and remodeling is what we do, and we do it really well. We derive great joy and satisfaction from our work, and we want the same level of satisfaction to transfer to our clients. Building and remodeling can feel daunting, but we endeavor to make the process smooth, enjoyable, and hopefully downright fun. We have a proven four-prong approach to our build/remodel process, which ensures we can deliver outstanding results every time.

Listen & Learn

We view every project, big or small, as individual. In the same way we want to know you, we want to know your home and the way you live. We firmly believe this is best accomplished by listening to you, the homeowner. To begin the process, we set up an Initial Home Visit. Here we:

  • Learn about your specific wants and needs
  • Determine what you like/don’t like about your space
  • Take measurements of your home
  • Discuss preliminary budget for project

From there, we move into a

Preparatory Phase

This involves Addilay:

  • Obtaining bids from subcontractors on desired scope of work (this may involve a site visit to your home)
  • Contacting city to discuss any questions pertaining to the home/property
  • Present client with preliminary plans and rough cost estimate for project


Design & Details

For many people, the design and selection process is the most anticipated aspect of a build or remodeling project. After all, it’s the details that infuse a space with style and create a personalized dwelling. That said, we recognize how daunting it can be to manage so many high-impact decisions, which is why we have relationships with the best craftsman, designers, draftsman, and architects in the business. We ensure you’re never on your own; you always have an expert on your side to make sure your vision comes together seamlessly. In this phase we:

  • Option to enter into a Design Agreement, which allows us to go from conceptual plans to detailed, fully outfitted spaces.
  • Develop high-level plans and procure renderings of your space
  • Create architectural drawings (if applicable)
  • Design selection meetings with Interior Designers to select materials for your space(s)


Aligning & Adjusting:

This is one of the most important phases of any project, and it’s this phase that truly separates professionals from novices. With final plans approved, and cost adjustments made for chosen selections, this is where all involved parties align to understand the scope and intricacies of the project. Our singular goal is to work through any issues in advance and provide as much transparency as possible to ensure the build project moves as seamlessly as possible. Here we:

  • Provide final estimate
  • Sign contract
  • Pull permit
  • Create project schedule
  • Preconstruction walk-through with clients and subcontractors


Build & be wowed!

With planning and preparation completed, your Project Manager will take over and make sure your design is “built to life!” The PM will lead a team of skilled trade partners through every detail of your remodeling project and keep you up-to-date. This includes:

  • Online schedule management software so you can see what is happening at any given time
  • Site supervision & management
  • Site cleanliness
  • Pre-scheduled periodic client walk-throughs to ensure everything is going to plan
  • Clean up and final walk-through
  • Final touchups & small items  (aka “punch list”)
  • Post completion walk-through